Condoms are regarded as an effective way to protect men from various sexually transmitted diseases and also one of the best birth control methods. It is also one of the most popular forms of product to protect from unsafe sex.
There are following types of condoms available in Indian market.

Unflavored condoms
These are normal condoms which are also available free at various government family planning centers

Ribbed condoms
These condoms are designed with small ribs to offer extra pleasure to the user.

Dotted condoms
These condoms are similar as that of ribbed ones

Long Lasting Condoms
Benzocaine is added in these condoms for long lasting effects

Big head condoms 
These are designed for special size. 

Extra Lubricated Condoms
These condoms are having extra lubrication for less painful intercourse experience. 

Warm Condoms 
These condoms are designed to produce warming effect at the time of intercourse. 

Ultra thin condoms 
For those people who think condoms as a barrier in sexual experience, these condoms are designed with ultra thin material. Aloevera condoms 
These condoms contain Aloevera as lubricant which provides protection as well as protection. 

Flavored Condoms 
These condoms are designed with addition of flavors like vanilla, banana, strawberry, apple, chocolate, bubblegum, coffee. 

Condoms are important medium of male contraception which is widely used for various purposes. There are various brands available in the market like Kohinoor, Mankind, Durex, Moods which are offering all the above mentioned types of condoms to consumers.